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6 Effective Ways to Get Your Kids Ready for the New School Year

Summer’s Almost Over; No More Leniency

Start Shopping for School Supplies

Choosing a Space for Homework

Create a Homework Schedule

Control the Distractions

Create a Bedtime Schedule

After weeks or even months of being on break from school, resumption may be harder on your child than expected. This article will give you six effective steps for getting your kids ready and setting them up for success. The new school year will come with its challenges, particularly because children are going higher. It is up to you, as their caregiver, to prepare them for school and position them to succeed.

Even if your children have already started school, that’s okay; you can still implement these strategies. The important thing is strictly following them to give you the best results – even when your child protests.

  • Summer’s Almost Over; No More Leniency

As the holiday time draws to a close, you need to set a family meeting with your significant other if there are any. At the meeting, discuss the rules that’ll change at home as resumption approaches, including shutting the TV off and bedtimes. Give your child a chance to voice their thoughts about these changes, and sincerely consider them. Then, adopt the policies and choose a date when you’ll start implementing them.

You may want to write down these changes and put them where everyone, including yourself, can see them. This practice is especially necessary because sometimes children forget what they agreed to.

  • Start Shopping for School Supplies

Parents often shop for their children’s supplies without speaking to them first. You may wonder why you need to talk with your children before buying what they need for school. However, it is essential because they alone know what they need and can help you determine what school supplies to buy. Furthermore, let them follow you when you go shopping; let them carry the baskets, choose the items, and be in charge.

You’re their parent, and letting them take charge doesn’t usurp your authority; it further reinforces it as they’ll respect you even more. You will still guide and coach them through the shopping, but stay calm if you find unlisted items in the basket. Let your children pay for what they bought at the checkout, and allow them to load the bags into the car.

  • Choosing a Space for Homework

Your children’s homework will resume as school resumes, and you need to make room for that. Work with them to decide the best spot in the house where they can do their homework. Suggest and let them suggest locations; if they give unreasonable suggestions, put them on the list first. You can then review the list and remove locations you’re not okay with.

By collaborating with your children, you help their self-esteem because they’ll feel respected, but you remain in charge. Once you’ve decided on the space, work with them to set it up and organize the supplies they purchased.

  • Create a Homework Schedule

After choosing a workspace for homework, creating a homework schedule is next. This stage requires your attention and patience because you need to determine what works best for each child. First, speak with your children about their best time to do homework – immediately after school or resting? Then, guide each of your children to establish their homework schedule, ensuring it is clear and defined.

When the schedule is ready, document it and put it where they can see it. You’re saddled with the responsibility of reinforcing what your children have decided.

  • Control the Distractions

This may not be easy, particularly if you’ve never done it before, but you need to restrict the use of entertainment electronics. Announce a rule that every entertainment and hand-held social media electronics should be off during homework times. Follow this rule from Monday to Thursday whether there is homework or not; it helps them concentrate on their work. After all, no child will choose to keep doing difficult homework when their phone is close by.

  • Create a Bedtime Schedule

Let’s state clearly that you can’t make your child sleep; it has to happen naturally. Your responsibility as a parent is to create a conducive environment and atmosphere for your children to become drowsy and eventually sleep. It would help if you also defined when every child must go to bed and enforce it. Then, remove all sleep distractions like phones, video games, a television, or a computer from their bedrooms.


These points are very important in getting your kids ready for resumption and setting them up for success in the new school year. However, you can only see them if you’re available and make time for your children from your busy schedule. You need to understand that you chose this situation and must be available to supervise your children through these activities. The burden is on you to ensure they follow through on what you all decided, so do your best to be available.

If you’re not there, these rules will not be enforced, and you won’t get the desired result. You need to ensure you’re available to provide homework help and assistance when they need it; they can’t do it alone.

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