Encouraging teachers and parents to be open to modernized approaches to raising children.  Inspiring them to NOT give up in spite of what everyone else seems to be using for discipline.

Parents and teachers who believe in taking the necessary time to build balanced relationships with the children in their care become frustrated when they don’t see the behavioral results they were hoping to achieve.  They may be missing a few important tools as a caregiver and once they realize what additional steps are needed and learn how to apply them, everything changes.  Cooperation begins to flow more freely in their home or classroom.

Sometimes it’s easier just to take the path of least resistance when time and patience are low, because that’s the way everyone else is doing it.  Adults today are feeling an increase in personal pressures so it becomes automatic to pass that pressure down to the children in our care through our discipline.  But with a little bit of inspiration to stay the course with best practices on raising capable and cooperative children, caregivers can be re-energized to keep going.

“We hosted Bill Corbett to come speak to 150 parents and professionals.  The response to Bill’s presentation was phenomenal.  The audience was fully engaged for two hours, made notes, and stayed after for questions.  He gives parents simple tools to deal with tricky issues of discipline (and parental sanity).  In all my years of teaching and counseling, I’ve never heard anyone do it better.  We don’t normally promote a vendor, but believe Bill is an exceptional conveyor of skills and understanding that so many parents crave.”
Richard J. Knoll, President & CEO
Training, Education, and Manpower, Inc. (TEAM)


Keynote Topics:

  • 8 Tools for Creating Cooperative Kids
  • 10 Irrefutable Facts About Kids That Will Change How You Parent Forever
  • Don’t Give Up, You May Be The Only Hope a Child Has to Grow
  • I’ll Give You Something to Cry About: Raising Children’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Capability and Responsibility in Children
  • How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two
  • Get Out of My Life!  A Guide for Parents for Raising Teens
  • Leadership an Emotional Intelligence
  • Top-Notch Presentation Skills
  • How to Start a Speaking Business

Sample Keynote Video


South Carolina Conference Evaluation Report

West Virginia Conference Evaluation Report

Iowa Behavioral Health Presentation Evaluation Summary Report

Washington State Behavioral Health Presentation Evaluation Summary Report

What Other Clients Are Saying About Bill

“Bill spoke to our audience of over 200 parents and professionals.  During the course of the evening, he had the audience both laughing and crying.  His understanding of the realities families live with everyday makes Bill very easy for parents to relate to.  Bill’s energetic presentation delivered an empowering message of positive parenting.  Parent’s left with many excellent suggestions for successfully setting limits and handling power struggles.  The feedback we received from those who attended was very positive.  I would recommend Bill Corbett as a speaker to other organizations and look forward to having him present for us again in the future.”
Amy Witbro, Home School Community Coordinator, Enfield Public Schools

“Our group so enjoyed your presentation at Conte School. Among our group, as you know, were parents, public school teachers, childcare teachers, childcare directors, representatives from our Even Start program and social workers. Uniformly, they had high praise and obvious delight in your presentation. I had several phone calls from staff, from each of these groups, and from parents, expressing their delight in the content and caliber of your presentation. You are a superb teacher, with a unique ability to involve an audience, and to convey new information. Your presentation style is absorbing. We look forward to hearing you again.”
Terry Trask, Early Education Director, Berkshire Children and Families

“On behalf of the Northern Westchester Nursery School Directors Group, “Thank You!” for helping to make our 13th annual Staff Development Day a successful and rewarding experience for over 100 early childhood educators. Your keynote speech was entertaining and very uplifting, as well as informative and enlightening. We appreciate all that you did to contribute to the success of the this wonderful day that gave so many educators the opportunity to grow professionally!”
Louise Cameron & Gail Porter, Staff Development Day Committee
Northern Westchester Nursery School Directors Group

“Thank you for participating in our quarterly early childhood division meeting. Your talk about children’s challenging behaviors made this meeting memorable and worthwhile. Your ability to address staff in an engaging manner made the hour seem like just minutes. Many staff members mentioned how much they enjoyed and learned from your remarks. I wholeheartedly agree. Your presentation was well worth it. I can confidently say that we look forward to a future opportunity to hear you speak again.”
Paul Perrelli, Education Director, New Opportunities, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of inviting Bill Corbett to be the keynote address for the Preschool Enrichment Team 32nd Annual Early Childhood Conference. I take great pride in selecting top notch speakers that can captivate an audience or our size. Bill was very successful in grabbing the attention of the participants and was able to deliver a message of hope for the educators themselves and the children and families they work with. His keynote address, “Don’t Give Up! You May Be the Only Hope a Child Has to Grow!” was very well received. We heard feedback such as he built motivation and confidence among the teachers, and his message is excellent for both teachers and parents. He received excellent evaluations of this keynote and breakout sessions. Bill was very easy to work with, very organized and professional, communicated with me regularly and worked with me to make sure our conference was a success. I would gladly recommend Bill Corbett for any event where teachers and parents need encouragement and concrete, new strategies to assist in their work. I hope to bring Bill back to our conference in the future.”
Carol Venancio, Training/Conference Director, Preschool Enrichment Team, Inc.